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Business English Pre-Intermediate Level


Starts from INR5400*


Starts from 4 weeks*

About the Course

Course Outline:

This course will focus on building a solid foundation for effective communication in a professional setting. The course will start with an introduction to basic business terms and phrases, followed by a review of fundamental grammar concepts such as verb tenses, basic sentence structure, and common grammatical errors. Students will also work on expanding their vocabulary with essential business-related words and expressions. Additionally, they will learn how to write simple business emails and letters, as well as practice basic conversation skills for common workplace scenarios. By the end of the course, students will have developed a strong understanding of key business English concepts and be better equipped to communicate confidently in a business environment.



Course Objectives:

1. Develop basic business vocabulary and language skills necessary for everyday workplace communication.2. Enhance understanding of common business correspondence, such as emails, reports, and presentations.3. Improve listening and speaking skills in business-related scenarios, such as meetings, negotiations, and phone calls.4. Introduce cultural aspects of business communication to help students navigate cross-cultural interactions effectively.5. Provide opportunities for practical application of language skills through role-plays, case studies, and real-world business simulations.



Introduction to Business English and Basic Grammar

- Overview of the course objectives and expectations

- Introduction to basic business vocabulary and phrases

- Practice in introducing oneself and others in a business setting

- Role plays and simulations of common business scenarios

- Basic grammar review: present simple, present continuous, and basic sentence structure



Communication Skills and Grammar

- Developing effective communication skills in business contexts

- Practice in making and receiving phone calls, taking messages, and leaving voicemails

- Email writing skills: formal and informal emails, responding to inquiries, and setting up meetings

- Grammar focus: past simple, future simple, and modal verbs



Meetings, Presentations, and Grammar

- Understanding the structure and language of meetings

- Role plays of different meeting scenarios: brainstorming, decision-making, and problem-solving

- Planning and delivering short presentations on business-related topics

 - Grammar focus: present perfect, past continuous, and reported speech



Business Writing and Grammar

- Writing business letters, memos, and reports

- Practice in summarizing information, organizing ideas, and using appropriate language

- Reviewing and editing written documents for clarity and professionalism

- Grammar focus: conditionals, passive voice, and relative clauses



Negotiation Skills and Grammar

- Understanding negotiation strategies and techniques

- Role plays of negotiation scenarios: price negotiations, contract discussions, and resolving conflicts

- Developing persuasive language and effective negotiation tactics

- Grammar focus: comparatives and superlatives, modals of necessity and obligation



Cultural Awareness in Business and Grammar

- Exploring cultural differences in business communication

- Understanding etiquette, customs, and norms in different business cultures

- Role plays and case studies on cross-cultural communication challenges

 - Grammar focus: articles, prepositions, and phrasal verbs 

Your Instructor



Ranjeeta is a Lecturer of English. She has two post graduate degrees, having completed an M.A. in English Literature from NEHU, Shillong, and an M.A. in TESOL from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. She has been working as a Lecturer in India and England for over 7 years.

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