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IELTS Exam Preparation


Starts from INR5400*


Starts from 4 weeks*

About the Course


Get ready to ace the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with our comprehensive IELTS Exam Preparation program at LinguaSchola. Over the course of 90 days*, join us for three sessions per week, each lasting up to two hours, designed meticulously to enhance your proficiency in all four key areas: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.



Master the intricacies of the reading section through interactive activities organised into twelve sets. Each set focuses on specific question types, ensuring thorough coverage of the exam format. From short answer questions to diagram labelling, our structured approach equips you with the skills needed to excel.


Level up your speaking abilities with expert guidance tailored to the IELTS speaking test. Our program delves into essential aspects such as performance improvement, stress management, and effective communication strategies. Through sets of interactive activities, you'll refine your responses to various speaking prompts, gaining confidence and fluency along the way.


Hone your writing skills under the guidance of seasoned instructors. Receive invaluable advice on tackling tasks, understanding examiner expectations, and crafting coherent compositions. With sets dedicated to both task types—reports and compositions—you'll practice analysing data, expressing opinions, and proposing solutions, ensuring readiness for any writing prompt.


Enhance your listening comprehension through targeted exercises covering almost all question types encountered in the IELTS exam. From short answer questions to diagram completion, our program offers sets of interactive activities designed to sharpen your auditory skills and boost your confidence on test day.


At LinguaSchola, we are committed to providing a supportive and dynamic learning environment that empowers you to achieve your IELTS goals. Join our program today and start your journey towards success in the IELTS exam.


*Prices mentioned are the minimum required amount and may vary depending on enrollment type, duration, and location/currency etc.

Your Instructor



Ranjeeta is a Lecturer of English. She has two post graduate degrees, having completed an M.A. in English Literature from NEHU, Shillong, and an M.A. in TESOL from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. She has been working as a Lecturer in India and England for over 7 years.

She is currently involved in running an Educational Consultancy in Shillong, with the aim of opening the doors of global education to students. ​

In the future she hopes to start an initiative to further the scope of academics within rural India.

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