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Communicative English - Intermediate Level


Starts from INR5400*


Starts from 4 weeks*

About the Course

Enhance your English communication skills at the intermediate level through speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. Build fluency, expand vocabulary, and practice real-life communication scenarios. Ideal for learners looking to advance their proficiency in English conversation and comprehension.

Course Objectives:

  1. Develop fluency and accuracy in spoken English through interactive speaking exercises and real-life communication scenarios.

  2. Enhance listening comprehension skills by practicing with a variety of speech patterns, and intermediate level audio materials.

  3. Expand vocabulary and improve reading comprehension through engaging with intermediate level texts and exercises.

  4. Strengthen writing skills by composing coherent and well-structured paragraphs, essays, and reports on a range of topics.

  5. Gain confidence in communicating effectively in social and professional settings by practicing job interview skills, business communication, and public speaking.


- Review of tenses (present, past, future), sentence structure, and common verb patterns.

- Questions and Negatives

- Adverbs- Modal verbs, conditionals, and reported speech.

- Passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs.

- Conditionals, gerunds and infinitives, and complex sentence structures.

- Noun Phrases- Adverbial clauses, indirect questions, and advanced vocabulary usage.

- Conditional sentences, reported speech, and idiomatic expressions.

- Subjunctive mood, phrasal verbs, and advanced sentence structures.


- Listening to short dialogues and answering comprehension questions.- Listening to longer conversations and summarizing key points.

- Listening to lectures and taking notes, followed by discussions.

- Listening to interviews and discussing content.

- Listening to talks or speeches and discussing themes and messages.

- Listening to news reports or documentaries and discussing current events.

- Listening to songs or audio dramas and discussing cultural aspects.- Listening to various forms of media and practicing active listening skills.


- Reading short passages and identifying main ideas and supporting details.

- Reading articles and discussing themes and author's purpose.

- Analysing literary texts, identifying literary devices, and discussing interpretations.

- Reading and analysing short stories. 

- Reading and analysing opinion pieces, editorials, and persuasive texts.- Reading and analysing poetry and discussing themes.

- Reading and analysing plays or scripts, exploring character development, and discussing themes.

- Reading and discussing literature from different genres and time periods.


- Introductions, discussing daily routines, and expressing opinions.

- Exchanging information.

- Discussing feelings.- Role-playing scenarios, giving presentations, and participating in group discussions.

- Role-playing to speak in real life scenarios using grammar and vocabulary learnt.- Debating current issues and practicing pronunciation.

- Conducting interviews and participating in mock interviews

- Leading group discussions.

- Practicing storytelling.

- Performing skits or role-plays, engaging in creative storytelling

- Practicing pronunciation.

- Engaging in debates on various topics and delivering persuasive speeches


- Writing simple paragraphs about personal experiences.

- Writing informal letters and emails.

- Writing formal letters and emails.

- Writing a story.

- Researching facts and writing.- Describing processes and places. 

- Expressing opinions.

- Crafting poems, analysing poetic information, 

- Writing reflective essays.- Crafting dialogue.

- Expressing attitude using linking words.

Duration: 3 months (2 hours per session, 3 sessions per week)*

Your Instructor



Affreen is a postgraduate student in English literature from NEHU. She worked as an Assistant Professor at local colleges and was also a Visiting Faculty at ICFAI University. Her purpose is to educate students on IELTS, Communicative English, and similar subjects.

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