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Building your interpersonal skills.


Some of the most important career skills today are interpersonal skills and communication. Although they may not come naturally to everyone, communication skills may go far in your personal and professional life if you can master them.

This course will cover a range of scenarios and use various teaching techniques, including role-plays, debates, group discussions, and presentations, to help you hone your skills. After completing these courses, you ought to have improved your vocabulary, fluency, accuracy, pronunciation, and listening comprehension.

This course is perfect for beginners and intermediates who want to easily enrich their skills in the English language's communication aspects.


This course focuses on effective spoken and written English communication for professional and personal everyday situations.  This course's structure is created to cater to students' abilities. The course begins with the fundamental grammatical principles necessary for good communication and then moves on to reading comprehension, listening and speaking proficiency. Speaking proficiency allows students to talk clearly and fluently. The course structure will prepare you to: 1. Be able to communicate more effectively in English in a variety of everyday contexts and to use the language more fluently and confidently, starting with simple words and expressions. 2. Be able to read and write well in basic and intermediate English for various circumstances that may arise in daily life using examples from practice. 3. Be familiar with standard academic English learning abilities that span all areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. A unique combination of video lessons, LIVE sessions, discussion forums, feedback sessions, and a guided action plan help make up this interactive course, which focuses on all areas for improvement.

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  • Discussion, brainstorming and debates.

  • Group work and tasks.

  • Communication exercises

  • Reading and listening comprehension exercises.

  • Vocabulary and written exercises.

  • Grammar exercises.

  • Conversation techniques

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  • Develop your social and corporate communication skills. 

  • Develop your writing and speaking skills in both social and professional contexts.

  • Speak fluently and confidently.

  • Increase your vocabulary in English.

  • Acquire terminology and abilities to help you in discussions,  presentations, phonecalls, written reports, and emails.

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  • This course is for students who have difficulty using appropriate language, comprehending what
    others are saying, or communicating in their workplace, social group, or family.


  • A basic understanding of spoken English.

  • Students must have the willingness to change themselves into perfect English Speakers.

  • Laptop or  smartphone

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LinguaSchola's helpful, knowledgeable teachers, cutting-edge facilities, and teaching materials will give you a life-changing experience and the tools you need to achieve your goals. Our teaching tactics are focused on delivering relevant, entertaining knowledge in a warm, inviting environment.

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Why you'll love learning with

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Engaging | Committed | Customised

  • Classes are divided into weeks, and content is created to meet complex learner needs.

  • Learn through a mix of styles and hands-on activities. 

  • One-on-one interactive sessions with your trainer

  • Thoroughly selected high-quality and attentive trainers.

  • Tailored instruction that produces precise results.

  • Optimum use of their learning resources.

  • An environment that allows you to fully concentrate on reaching your learning objectives.

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